Below, please find catalog descriptions of courses I have recently taught and links to course websites that I have developed.

ED100 Introduction to Education

Catalog Description Emphasis on self-evaluation as a teacher.  Introduction to critical issues in education including the person as a teacher, criteria for effective teaching, and effective school settings.  Includes a class and individual field experience component.  Course is a prerequisite for admission to teacher education

ED253 School & Society

Catalog Description  Foundations of education examined through historical, sociological, and philosophical perspectives to provide a comprehensive understanding of American education and related educational issues in a diverse society. Pre-requisite for formal admission to teacher education.

ED350 Multicultural Education

Catalog Description Cultural, racial, ethnic, socio economic, gender, and individual differences and their effects on American education and society studied from sociological, historical, and philosophical perspectives. Development of human-relations skills to address diversity issues.

ED386 Educational Technology

Catalog Description Theories and practical techniques concerning technology in educational contexts. Includes exploration of emerging technologies and selection, production, and integration of educational materials. Lab fee required. Prerequisite: formal acceptance into the teacher education program. Co-requisite: ED325, ED330 or ED337. Lab fee required.

ED500 Foundations of Education

Catalog Description Personal and professional development of educational practitioners through critical, reflective inquiry into philosophical, historical and sociological scholarship that focuses on educational institutions in their socio-cultural settings.

ED556 Curriculum

Catalog Description  This course concerns the theoretical and practical design and development of the school program with emphasis on current practices.

ED586 Digital Technology & Educational Design

Catalog Description ED586 is designed to support pre-service and in-service teachers at the graduate level. The course concerns the flexibility and complexity of digital technology to advance learning in the 21st century. Web 2.0 applications will be used to study, design, and assess technologically enhanced learning environments. The lived experiences and digital literacies of students will be explored.

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