Hello, my name is David Shutkin. I am an Associate Professor of Education and Technology Studies and a member of the faculty in the Department of Education and School Psychology at John Carroll University. Both the University and the Department offer a congenial environment for my integrated and reflective teaching, scholarship and service.

The integration of technology is having a synergistic effect on classroom practices. The potential of technology to benefit the educational experiences of children has never been greater. Yet the complexities of effective technology integration have never offered such great challenges. From the design and implementation of web-based learning experiences to the analysis of neo-liberal accountability practices, I am continually re-inventing the courses I teach and integrating best practices with new technologies.

My scholarship concerns technology studies, curriculum theory, and non-foundational ethics. At present, I am researching the phenomenology of technology and the experience of being in school. Methodologically, I employ forms of discourse analysis, narrative inquiry and actor network theory.  IMG_0065

Representative publications: The Lake Highlands One to One Laptop Initiative: NCLB, Drill & Practice and the Formation of a Relational Network (2015). Becoming the Future: The Lake Highlands Middle School Laptop and Learning Initiative (2013). Face to Face in a Third Space: Hypertext Design & Curriculum Theory (2007). Neoliberalism, The Technological Sublime, and Techniques of the Self. Educational Technology (2005). Thinking of the Other: Constructivist Discourse in the Field of Educational Technology (2004). Virtual Community & Ethical Difference in the Field of Education (2004).

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